NAME:SL-Series Full Automatic Sleeve Shrink Labelling Machine

SL-Series Full Automatic Sleeve Shrink Labelling Machine

SL-Series Full Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labelling Machine

  1. Feature:
  • Made of stainless steel and high quality aluminum alloy, structure is reasonable and compact, adjustable is convenient.
  • No need stone bolt, can move conveniently to cooperate with production areas well.
  • Shrink film volume label shelf equipped with adjustable automatic device,can be adjusted according to different volume label paper pipe from 5”-10”.
  • Can suitable for round bottle and square bottle after some change.
  • Conveniently adjust transmission machinery without any tool, be applicable for different bottle type.
  • Unique sleeving label method, apply pressing sleeving label method,convenient and reasonable.
  • Automatic control material feeding system, make the shrink label in level and adjust tensility.
  • Special designed cutter head, in the specification range, no need change knife file, knife change is quick and convenient.
  • Centre guide pole holding system, fast to change mould no need any tools.
  • Volume label locating device, can adjust the position synchronously according to bottle request.
  • Apply step motor import from Japan and high sensitivity photoelectricity,cutting label precision is high.
  • Stainless steel eletricity control box, PLC apply Japan Panasonic.
  • Apply advance man-machine interface automatic control technology, all key parts apply international famous brands.
1.All-cover type stainless steel host machine: the whole machine is waterproof as well as rustproof.
2.Adjustable cutter head: unique cyclotron cut-off, double sided cutting edge with a long service life.
3.Single positioning centre guide pillar: more stable for label delivery.
4.Synchronous bottle divider: a more stable transmission for the bottle.There is no bottle overturning or label missing.
5.Bottom set label brush: more precision for casting label.
6.Label-controlling electric-eye shelf: unique combination of tail and electric-eye to improve the 7.precision for cutting off the membrane materials.It adopts the imported color touch screen.
7.Push-button control cabinet: a more humanized operation.
8.Independent feeding material shelf: the position of the material shelf is optional at will.

SL-Series Full Automatic Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine

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