NAME:PET Blowing Bottle Production Line

PET Blowing Bottle Production Line

PET Blowing Bottle Production Line

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The full automatic pet bottle blowing moulding machine of the Servo Motor, is adopted to drive the movement of the 4-piece mold holder. And the high pressure supercharged mold locking mechanism is equipped.

This mold clamping and opening mechanism has been developed, successfully by ourselves upon dozens of years’ practice.

Which is now the most efficient clamping and opening mechanism, applied on the domestic linear blow molding machines.

The mould movement cycle time is only 0.4~0.5 second.

Meanwhile, the whole movement is accurate. Stable and speedy while the impact between the mold plates have been amortized.

Which can effectively protect the molds and reduce the visibility of parting lines on the finished bottles.

Servo system is adopted to conduct instant positioning, capturing the target position of the orbit ,with the approaching sensor switch which then sends quick signals to the servo PLC system.

Then the plant-in revolving coder in the servo motor, will detect the location of the orbit on line and then feeds back ,the information to the control system. Consequently, orientation will be done by PLC and the positioning module.

Besides, it does help to reduce the visibility of parting lines on finished bottles. The servo motor driven mold movement mechanism.it is designed and created upon rigid engineering simulation analysis.

And which ensures that the series of the mold motions are simple, accurate, consistent and speedy.And making cycle time 0.3~0.5 seconds.

Full Automatic Servo Motor Driving PET Bottle Blowing Machine

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