NAME:Automatic High Speed Shrink Wrapping Machine

High Speed Shrink Wrapping Machine used for Packaging bottles

Automatic High Speed Shrink Wrapping Machine is used for Bottles/cans enter into several lines conveyors fromsingle line conveyor through 90°conversion.Then divided into1,2,3,4line by bottle distributing device.Sending by conveyor,when the front 4bottles reach photoelectricity inspector,conveyor stop,position limit cylinder fall,bottle push cylinder will send the bottles into sealing machine to seal them. After packing,the package will be sent into shrink tunnel to shrink the film.Then shrinked packages will be sent into storage racks by cooling conveyor.The second package will start to be packaged when the first package enter into shrink tunnel.

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine Products specification

  • Inverter adjust speed,two grade bottle conveying device.
  • Push bottle,hot sealing complete action apply pneumatic device
  • Inductive switch control film length
  • Touch screen,PLC control system improve the equipmen trunning reliability greatly.
  • Double cycle blower,assure shrink tunnel temperature proportion
  • Huge air cooling system assure film finalizet he design quickly
  • High temperature resistan tfibreglass PLFE conveyor belt, Convey steadily,high intensity,abrasion resistant
  • Stepless speed regulation control with frequency conversion net belt conveying Structure.
  • Conveyor belt height can be made according to client request,adjustable range is±50mm.
  • Bottle conveying system satisfy the bottle inlet direction of user,can be prolonged or shorten.
  • Wing shape stainless iron heating system,wear well.
  • Storage racks for packages impermanency holdup,make sure production line work continuously.

Application for : juice, drinking, milk,beer bottles wrapping packing .

  • Exclusive patent Ultra thin film supply & rolling system: stably supply film, film quick cut & instant seal.
  • Exclusive patent bottle distribute & block system: no pressure and jam of the bottle.
  • A/C servo control and timing system: pulling bar feeding bottles, timing film supply /film packed/ film cutting/film seal.
  • 10 inch LED monitor panel: easy operate and fast parameter set in.
  • Shrinking & cool tunnel : air recycle technology , compact body, stably temperature control panel and display .
  • Printing film packing system as option.
  • Capacity:8-40Pack/Minute.


High Speed Shrink Wrapping Machine

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