NAME:Automatic Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

Full Automatic Slef-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine made in China

Automatic Self-adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine

This machine is fully automatic rotary self-adhesive labeling machine. Suits for different industries for beer, wine, white spirit, health wine, seasoning, cosmetics, medicine, cans and others. It can highly improve the work efficiency, with the advantages of humanized design, high flexibility, easy to operate, steady speed, clean labeling environment ,easy to repair and maintenance,strong work performance, It’s the necessary labeling machine for the company to upgrade their product and quality.It is the enganced labeling machine on the traditional ones and is a intellective labeling machine . It operated by touching display, the label outing speed and label length can be adjusted and setted . The magic eye can scout and check automatic without move ; PLC controlling, bottle separating, bottle delivering and label rolling can change the speed by transducer , it effect the real automatically and has the high speed of label outing . It aslo can effect the part and wrap round and flat bottle labeling . It is special suitable for the columniform containers of wine, food, cosmetic and medicaments.

Golden Machinery China .


DRIVE Step motor driven
DIRECTION Right or Left
LABELING SPEED 30-300pcs/min(based on bottle size)
LABEL SIZE Width:15-150mm  Length:15-300mm
LABLE CORE Stander:Ф75mm
MACHINE SIZE 2800*1250*1450mm
WEIGHT 280kg
POWER AC 220V/380V  50HZ 2500W

Electric Configuration

Name Qty Unit Brand Origin
PLC 1 Set Panasonic Japan
Touch Screen 1 Set Weinview Taiwan
Sensor 1 Pc Sunx Japan
Label Servo Motor 1 Set Panasonic Japan
Label Servo Driver 1 Set Panasonic Japan
Bottle Separating Motor 1 Set TOHO Taiwan
Intermediate Relay 3 Set Schneider France
Shift Knob 1 Pc Schneider France
Switch 1 Pc MingWei Taiwan
AC Contactor 2 Pc Schneider France
Breaker 1 Pc Schneider France

ASL Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

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