NAME:Automatic Labeling Machine for Bottles

Automatic Labeling Machine for Bottles

Hot Melt BOPP Labeling Machines

Golden Machinery – Filling Machines (goldenmachinerygroup.com)

This machine is fully Automatic Labeling Machine for Bottles. Suits for different industries for beer, wine, white spirit, health wine, seasoning, cosmetics, medicine, cans and others. It can highly improve the work efficiency, with the advantages of humanized design, high flexibility, easy to operate, steady speed, clean labeling environment ,easy to repair and maintenance,strong work performance, It’s the necessary labeling machine for the company to upgrade their product and quality.

Rotary Type Automatic OPP Hot Melt Labelling Machine,The containers are picked up by the infeed starwheel and transferred to the container table. The container rotation begins when they are positioned between container plates and centering bells.

The speed of the feed roller is adjusted to the required label length for continuous web tension. A standard threading unit ensures optimal film feed. In the cutting unit, the labels are precisely cut while a PLC command and servo-motor provide an exact cut-off point.

Two narrow strips of hot melt glue the labels together, which are applied by a heated glue roller to the leading and trailing label edges. The label with the glue strip on its leading edge is transferred to the container. This glue strip ensures an exact label positioning and a positive bond. As the container is rotated during label transfer, labels are applied tightly. Gluing of the trailing edge ensures proper bonding.

Process:  feeding bottle → pre-position →label cutting → gluing → labeling→ label by press out → finish


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