Water Filling machine

Bottled water filling machine, barreled water filling machine, mineral water filling machine

Juice Filling machine

Juice Filling machine,Flesh Filling machine,Blueberry Juice Filling machine,Apple Juice Filling machine

Oil Filling machine

Oil Filling machine,Condiment Filling machine,Soy sauce Filling machine,Vinegar Filling machine

Carbonated drinks Filling machine

Carbonated drinks Filling machine,Steamed beverage Filling machine,...

Milk & Tea Filling machine

Milk Filling machine,Tea drinking Filling machine,Herbal tea Filling machine

Wine Filling machine

Liquor Filling machine,Red Wine Filling machine,Beer Filling machine

Golden machine
Zhangjiagang Golden Machinery(Group) Co., Ltd is located in Zhangjiagang City, which is near to Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuxi,the transportation is extremely convenient.
We specialize in the design and production of all types of Carbonated or Non-Carbonated Beverage,Drinking Water and Liquid Packing Line. Not only the domestic market more than 30 provinces,municipalities ,but also exporting to USA ,Canada, Australia,Mexico,Bahamas,Bolivia,Argentina,Malta,Turkey,Cyprus,kosovo, Georgia, Portugal, South Korea, Armenia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Nigeria, Mozambique, South Africa, Sudan, Ghana, Mauritius, Chile, Peru more than 30 countries and areas ,well received by the users !
Golden machine

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